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Maternity photography session in Portland

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

This was my first maternity boudoir photo session with a very pregnant model who was 3 weeks away from her due date, so I'm grateful our schedules aligned at her ripe belly peak (she gave birth a week later so it was really perfect timing!) I found a great Portland location: an extra large hotel suite with lots of natural light with a deep soaking tub and mirror. I wanted to try some bath pictures for a surreal effect and experimented by adding about a gallon of milk and fresh rose petals that highlighted her flower tattoos. She has a lovely peachy-round backside so we did some looks with her belly down (much more comfortable when you're floating.)

In our culture we see maternity as a sexless "sacred" time for women (the madonna/whore complex) and it's taboo to eroticize their engorged breasts made for babies and protruding baby bump. My model is a sex-positive sex educator so she was relaxed being nude in front of the camera and sharing the images with her partner as well as her community (her story was published recently in PDX Scene, a sex-positive resource in Portland.)


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