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•Read my tips on how to prepare for a sensual boudoir photography session.


I prefer to work in bright corner hotel suites or homes with large, open uncluttered rooms (like lofts) and lots of natural light. If you don't already have a space readily available, I can book a home or hotel suite for an additional cost if I'm not currently renting one for sessions already booked.

• Travel schedule: While I'm based in the Portland area, I post on Twitter when I'll be in other cities as well on as my mailing list. However, if you can't wait for me to visit your city, I can create a bespoke travel package that includes the location.

• 50% deposit is due to secure the date. The balance can be paid anytime but due the day of session and may be paid by cash or credit card.  

•  Cancellations: Deposits are non-refundable. If you are ill or have an emergency happen on the day of the shoot, I can reschedule another session within 60 days of the cancellation to honor the deposit. If I should have to reschedule (hasn't happened yet!) your deposit as well as any hotel or rental fees paid would be refunded to you in full. 

Q & A

Can I bring a friend to the session? 

You can bring friends or partners to the shoot, but I would prefer to have them wait in another room while we're working together so we can stay focused.

Do you photograph minors?

I never photograph minors and all of my images are adults over 18 years of age. I require age verification with model releases.

How to do you handle privacy issues?

All model and photo releases have a clause about what images I may use for my portfolio and how they may be altered to hide one's identity (blurring or cropping out features.) This is discussed before our shoot so I know how to pose you to obscure your features. I do have a preference of working with models who show their face in some way as I the images in my portfolio.

Will I get access to all of the images?

I have a good eye for editing, then tweaking each image for color balance and exposure. A typical three hour shoot ends up being about 80 final images. You will get all the images to view so you can choose the final ones to be polished, and they will be watermarked. Your final polished ones won't have watermarks.

Do you shoot in the outdoors?

We can do shoots outside but it's trickier to schedule with weather and logistics. Always have a backup plan to shoot indoors. 

Do you offer any discounts?

I can do sliding scale rates for verified service professionals (with a Twitter, Instagram and/or professional website) who are women of color, trans and non-binary folks. 

Do you do your own editing and retouching?

Yes, I do all my own, your images will not be viewed by anyone else's eyes but myself if you're concerned about privacy. I can do nearly everything from light retouching like skin smoothing to major surgery (removing objects, weight loss/gain, even changing hair color.)

Here's an example of heavy retouching: Rolls above panty taken out. Lingerie is smoothed. Large tattoo removed.
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