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Pre-Boudoir Session tips and ideas to look your best

•Remember to get enough sleep the night before, you don't want to look tired or groggy. 

•Drink lots of water during the shoot (sometimes posing can be like doing hot yoga but you're getting a workout while looking gorgeous.)  

•Don’t drink alcohol before the shoot. Wear very loose fitting clothes the night before (you will see markings on the skin from your bra, underwear or elastics.)

•Avoid spray tans as it will rub off and look uneven (or have it done at least a week before.)

•Get a pedicure and manicure. If you don't have long or well-groomed nails, use press-on nails. You can get them in a shorter more natural look as well as long and glam.

•If you're bringing shoes, make sure the bottoms are clean as they're usually showing (tip: buy shoes for the session that you only wear indoors, then you can wear them for a later occasion or just return them.)


Makeup and Hair

I highly recommend having a professional do your makeup, even if you don’t normally wear it as they know how to make you look your best in pictures. I can fix acne, wrinkles and scars in photo retouching but it can be difficult to fix hair and nails. I recommend going to a salon and getting a blow out or curl it just before the shoot. I don't work with any particular hair stylists or makeup professionals as my photo sessions are in different cities, so I recommend you have your hair and makeup done before the session. 


Day of shoot: Bring lots of things to wear or use as props

•Matching sets of lingerie

•Sheer robes

•Sheer or satin fabrics, soft textures (faux fur throw blankets are great on a bed)


•Garter belts

•Decorative fan

•Sexy high boots

•High heels 

•Thigh-high socks

•Long necklaces

•Oversized men’s button-down shirt, tie and formal hat 


If you’re a dominatrix or sensual domme, bring toys or impact implements

If you do rope bondage,  bring a rigger to show off your Shibari skills (with you as the canvas!)

Real flowers and roses (I use flower pedals in my milk bath sessions and sometimes scattered on the bed.)

I’ve also done sessions with people who are simply natural and nude. We used sheets, sheer fabrics and flowers as props (late afternoon light is really key .)

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